Vladimir Agafonkin | Obiymy Doschu – ”Son” (2017)

Our 1st interview for 2018 dedicated to the Ukrainian prog/rock band ‘Obiymy Doschu‘ and their leader Vladimir Agafonkin. Vladimir speaks to us on their new (masterpiece) album entitled “Son“, that is in our opinion on of the top albums for 2017 for sure! Thank you Vladimir Agafonkin  for having this chat. Welcome to the ‘Progressive Room’. It’s … More Vladimir Agafonkin | Obiymy Doschu – ”Son” (2017)

Logos | Try to find L’ Enigma della Vita

It all started in Jan2017 , when the team had to decide on what our Top10-2014 would be. After we listened to many band’s -worth to mention- works and projects, we certainly distinguished our best. And there they were , placed in 3rd place. Logos *(wiki) and their magnificent progressivo Italiano album, L’enigma Della Vita. We once … More Logos | Try to find L’ Enigma della Vita

Demis Visvikis | Axis + Solo

” Βισβίκης , Καρακαντάς , Κατακουζηνός και Χατζηαθανασίου. , και μία Ελληνική Μπάντα με έδρα τη Γαλλία, κυκλοφορεί 3 Άλμπουμ, το ELA-ELA , και τα AXIS (το δεύτερο ήταν ουσιαστικά μια διαφορετική εκδοχή του πρώτου με ένα διαφορετικό κομμάτι με την προσθήκη του Χρήστου Στασινόπουλου.), από το ’71 εως το ’73 και καταφέρνει να χαραχτεί … More Demis Visvikis | Axis + Solo

Davy O’List

” I remember hearing many big hit sounds together; Elvis, The Shadows, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, and that made me want to play the guitar increasingly.  I liked the heavy guitar chords at the beginning of the Elvis Presley record ‘Jail House Rock’ I thought it was the beginning … More Davy O’List